Sunday, July 12, 2009

Potrillo Adventure

Today we went to El Potrillo de la Sandia for lunch after church. Or "The Watermelon Pony," for all you gringos. We watched a guy catch cheese on fire and roll it up in some tortillas. Then I ate a little puff filled with chicken. Overall, it was a nice experience. I also ate a tamale.
Then the waiter asked if I wanted desert. I said no. I think he took offense.
Perhaps the climax to my adventure was when I left to wash my hands in the restroom. First, the water came out at a much quicker pace than I had anticipated. It splashed all over the mirror and some on my shirt, which was already blue anyway, so I figured it didn't really matter. Then I jumped for the paper towel dispenser to wipe up my mess. The towel that I pulled did not detatch like the step-by-step-picture showed that it would. Instead, a string of five more towels swiftly came out as well, and I tried to wind them around my arm to break them off. I heard the footsteps coming from the hallway and sprang for the faucet, which was still sputtering out high-pressure water onto the sink and countertop. The bathroom door swung open unsteadily just in time for me to make my final movement toward a hole cut in the marble countertop. I was pretty sure it was a hole for trash, but I couldn't see the can... The door was nearly open. It was a risk I had to take. I tucked the wad of paper into the hole in a frantic manner as a lady in high heels appeared in the mirror behind me. She pulled out a tube of lipstick and gave me a quick look before slicking it onto her cherry red lips. I smoothed my blue shirt and cleared my throat uncomfortably. I sniffed and exited before any awkward small talk could start up. On the way out, a man was pushing a trash can into the "employees only" door. Too bad for him, though, because my door opened right in front of his. We shifted directions several times before I ducked out behind him and went back to my table. It was a special moment.
On my way out the door I got a peppermint out of the big bowl. I tried for about a minute and a half to unwrap it with my teeth. Disgruntled that I could not achieve my goal, I used my other hand. It was such a trouble.
All in all, it was a successfull lunch.
I might even go back there some time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Trip to Publix Grocery Store

Here in Florida, there is a wonderful grocery store called Publix. Today my trip to Publix did not go that smoothly.

First, I tried to walk across the sidewalk to the front door, but a lady with a bowl cut stopped in front of me because she needed to look at the bottom of her cart, apparently. I was awkwardly in the way of several more carts and couldn't think of any small talk for the wait, so I just stepped back to the edge of the sidewalk to wait it out. Suddenly, I saw something amazing. And it's name was a stack of inflatable innertubes! I did a fake stretch like I was tired and leaned up against the softy innertube pillar. But it turned out that the pole holding the stack was a flimsy plastic stick, and I got bounced all around and almost knocked over a pile of skim boards. I tried to straiten the stack, but my arm got caught and I pushed the tubes farther away. It took a couple minutes before I just gave up and walked away really fast. There was a lady weighing herself on a scale inside the door who seemed to be enjoying my troubles. She kept watching and laughing at me. You know what? I think she just stayed there longer to watch me fail. Because how long can it actually take to weigh yourself?

Once I got inside the store, I realized that it was about 20 degrees below freezing in there. Pretty soon I casually strolled over to the deli place and stood in front of the meat warmer to warm up a little. It was awkward because the deli guy wanted to take my order, so I pretended to be really intrigued by the row of juice on the other side of the aisle.
After a minute, I ventured out to the rest of the store to do some food shopping.

While I was walking down the bread aisle, I saw something fun stuck under the rack! It was a big blue bouncy ball! I picked it up and started dribbling it all around. Pretty soon it accidentally bounced into some spaghetti. And also some marshmallows and some black beans. I was asked to not do that anymore. Also, I got the ball removed from me.

Later, I walked down the hair and soap aisle and knocked into a jutting out rack of shower caps with my shoulder. Good thing the store guys made the rack of shower caps jut out. Because otherwise all of the many people looking for shower caps would have a harder time finding them.
Some other kids were watching me with weird looks on their faces, so I stood there awkwardly again for a second and decided I should do something, so I picked up a shower cap and started examining it very carefully until they left.

Finally I was about to leave to go check out, but a lady with crazy pink shorts walked in front of my cart and stopped there to get a bag of dried fruit. Then a lady beside my cart was trying to choose her vitamins. She apparently didn't have very good eyesight, so she started slowly backing up further and further until she had her back actually bent over my cart. Finally the crazy pink shorts lady got her dried fruit and started to move away. But I couldn't push my cart
out from under the vitamin lady's back. Before the pink shorts lady finished pulling out, she turned left and saw the vitamin lady. Turns out they knew each other. They then had an upside down conversation over my shopping cart. I stood and waited for them to finish up, and finally I was able to pull out and wheel over to the check out line.

On my way out, I tripped over a fun noodle and smashed into a large, empty cardboard box. It made a loud sound.

I was very glad to get out of there.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Right now I'm watching the ocean.
It's really wavey and bad today, and it's a double red flag.
Tomorrow I'm riding bikes in the morning around seaside, which is my favorite town ever.
I'm debating whether to go down to the beach, or do Pilates.
Also, I have a berry seed stuck in my tooth.

Thank you to everyone who gave me a rhyming word last time-- I was so exhilarated to read them.

Except who is hzoo2?
Everyone please leave your name on your comments. It will make my day.

So I'm staying in a condo on the beach, and it is furnished very cute with beachy colors and all. But even better than the fishy placemats on the walls, or the fake palm trees in the corner, there is a special something that probably doesn't get much attention over by the tv. It is a fat wax guy named Pat.
I'm sure most of you are glad to hear about Pat, but are now wondering why he is so important?
You see, Pat is not just a decoration. He is the object of the most exciting and difficult game ever. My brother and I have an ongoing battle throughout the years of coming to this same condo where we take the fat wax guy and secretly place him in an awkward, ridiculous, or funny-looking spot, such as tucked in on Jake's pillow, or set on a stool outside my door so he's right in my face when I open the door that morning (which happened to me today). So it's a pretty intense competition.

Just thought you might like to know about that.

The Pilates lady just told me to squeeze my tushy.
I think she's asking for trouble.

By the way, if you haven't read my previous blogs, you should always start from the top. So go back and read them real quick.

I met some friends from Georgia here. They left back to the official poultry state this morning, which I thought was impressive. Can't say anything like that about where I live.

Well, I think I'll go put on my swimmin' suit now and head on down the boardwalk to the beach...
It looks nice.

word of the day: diminish
You could say words are a hobby of mine.
You could also say that bass fishing is a hobby of mine.
But then you would be lying.

Hope you all are having a fantastic day!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay so here's how this next bit is going to work:

I need you all to tell me what you want to hear in my next blog. It's all up to you now.

Also, if you can think of a word to rhyme with lemon, that would be much appreciated.

word of the day: reach

you know what would be cool? if every day that you read my word of the day, you would try to work it into conversations all day long... post on here how many times you used it... winner gets a shout out in my blog... boom, instant fame.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


So I found this online radio called Pandora, and I think you all should check it out. It is actually a radio station designed for your taste... you enter in a couple things like your birthday and  one artist you like, and it builds you a station. I want mine to be called 99.5 the pterodactyl. Because a flying dinosaur could dominate a wolf.

While I'm listening, I have figured out what makes this radio different-- kind of a peculiar emptiness, but it doesn't seem like anything good is missing. Then I figured it out: there are no DJs, no commercials, no multi-stacked, crazy-harmonied radio jingles, no compressed explosion sounds at the end of each song, and most of all, no truck ads.
Have you ever noticed how often one of those comes on?
Maybe it's because I always have it on a country station, but still, how many trucks do they think I'm going to buy? Oh good, this truck has free insurance with purchase of insurance. Now I can check that off my list.
Not to mention they're super hard to understand. What if all commercials were like that?
"Bbbbbbuy our NEW NEW NEW Bbbbetty Crcrcrcrockker PAN...CAKE... PPPPUFFER!" 
I mean, I don't know why they're selling those anyway.
Pancakes are naturally flat.
If I wanted a  cake puff, I would buy some kind of product that cooks puffball pancakes. Oh wait, it all makes sense to me now. 

Another thing that struck me about DJs is that they are actually a lot like bloggers. They constantly think of and produce long streams of words or commentaries on things that have nothing to do with anything important. Well that's about to change. My blog will now start to talk about only things of the utmost importance.
Here we go...


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shy Bloom

A bud of green
Dull and round, slumbers with the dying wind
That carries a fading tune embedded in a whisper of cold. 
The wind lies still, encouraging the bud
Anticipation wells up inside
Long-distilled water trickles forth
And surrounding grass tickles a lone leaf.
In a rush, excitement, urgency, need, crave, life
Rises at once
The leaves burst from closure
The mouth of the blossom
Sings the warm melody of day
Along with the settling wind
Laughing with a pink petal tongue 
Dancing with a shimmering stem
Awakening the Dawn with a radiant light
A sunrise, or a flower.

written on 5-6-08

word of the day: halcyon   (thanks, wes)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Moon

The moon
Peers in through the window pane
And through the glass
It perches on the pier
In a poised pose
Against the purple night
Before plunging under water
And penetrating the ocean glass
On scale with the sun

written on 5-6-08

So there's a first taste of a poetry blog. Now you can start checking back daily for new posts. I was giving new readers a chance to read the first entry, but now I will just move on. If you haven't read the first post, go back and read it. Because that blog is from a complete different part of my mind... so if you read only one or the other, it's like taking half of my brain away, and that is not very nice. 

Today's word of the day: melody

If you read each blog, you might find that many of the word of the days are in a good number of my poems, because they are my favorite words.

One more thing, if you post comments, I might not be able to reply if you haven't changed your setting to public or whatever. So do that.

Hope you all check back soon...

emmy davis